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Established in 2008, Alibaba Business School is jointly established by Hangzhou Normal University (Mr. Jack Ma's alma mater) and Alibaba Group. Jack Ma is the first chairman and president of the school. The current dean is Professor Zeng Ming,Chairman of the Academic Council and Former Chief Strategy Officer of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Business School is dedicated to promoting business and management innovation in the digital economy era, and follows the mission of cultivating excellence in leaders and entrepreneurs. Our vision is to become the model business school in the digital era.


1.eWTP African Students Program


2.International Students Program



Submit the following application materials     
1. 阿里巴巴商学院国际学生入学申请表     
    International Student Application Form     
2. 护照或本国身份证明扫描件     
    Digital copy of the Nationl ID or passport     
3. 高中毕业证书(或同等学历证明)原件扫描件     
    Digital copy of the original high school diploma (or equivalent certificate)     
4. 高中成绩单原件扫描件     
    Digital copy of the original high school transcript     
5. 推荐信     
    Recommendation letter from teachers or mentors     
6. 自我介绍视频     
    A short video to introduce who you are, why you want to apply for ABS, and what’s your experience of shopping online/starting up your own business.     
    Video Requirement: Less than 2 minutes long with a file size smaller than 50MB.  


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