Undergraduate Program for International Students
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International Business (Cross Border eCommerce)

 Undergraduate Program

For International Students

基本信息 / Enrollment Information

招生学校: 杭州师范大学阿里巴巴商学院

University:Alibaba Business School,Hangzhou Normal University

地址: 中国浙江省杭州市余杭塘路2318号

Add: No. 2318 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

学制: 四年本科国际学历生(2023-2027),毕业后授予管理学学士学位

Diploma:Undergraduate Program (2023-2027),Bachelor Degree in Management

专业: 国际商务(跨境电商方向)

Major: International Business (Cross-border eCommerce)


Language of instruction: English

申请条件 / Application Conditions

1. 申请人须为持有效外国护照的非中国籍公民,身体健康,品行良好,愿意遵守中国政府的法律和学校的规章制度,尊重中国人民的风俗习惯;

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passports and be in good health, and have good behaviors, willing to observe the laws of the government of China, as well as the rules & regulations of the college, and respect customs of China;

2. 取得高中及以上(或同等学历)毕业证书;

Diploma: Applicants should own the diploma of high school or above (or equivalent education);

3. 熟练掌握英语听说读写技能,等同于雅思6.0分或托福80分以上(有汉语基础者优先考虑);

Skillfully grasp English, able to communicate and write in English, equivalent to IELTS over 6.0 scores/TOEFL over 80 scores (applicant proficient in Chinese is preferred);

4. 对数字经济、电子商务有浓厚的兴趣。

Have a keen interest in digital economy and eCommerce business.

申请材料 / Application Documents

1. 请下载入学申请表International Student Application Form,请勿手工填写,其中“自我介绍”字数应不低于300字

Please click the link above to download,fill by computer, no hand writing, the Personal Statement: no less than 300 words.


International Passport


High School Diploma(or equivalent certificate)

4. 高中成绩单原件扫描件

High School Transcript

5. 推荐信(用中文或英文撰写,推荐人签字并附联系电话及Email)

Recommendation Letter(Written in Chinese or English. Recommender's contact number, email and signature need to be attached in the letter.)


A short self-introduction video (in English or Chinese, with a file size less than 50MB)

申请及录取程序 / Application and Admission Procedures

1. 提交申请材料 / Submit application documents

申请材料发送到邮箱  apply.abs@hznu.edu.cn

Submit the application documents to apply.abs@hznu.edu.cn

2. 面试 / Interview


Applicants on interview list will be notified via email in advance.

3. 发放录取通知书 / Offer the admission letter


If the applicant receives scholarship, the related information will be indicated in the admission notice.

4. 申请材料提交截止日期 / Deadline for application

2023年5月5日 May 5, 2023

奖学金 / Scholarship




The government of China and Alibaba Business School provide scholarship for excellent international students, including Freshman Scholarship and Annual Scholarship.

The Freshman Scholarship will be awarded to excellent applicants to cover the tuition fee for the first year and will be indicated in the admission letter.

The Annual Scholarship will be awarded to students with good performance, all students can apply for it once a year.

相关费用(人民币) / Related Expenses (RMB)

1. 学费:25000元/学年

Tuition fee: 25,000 yuan/academic year


The length of schooling for undergraduate students is usually 4 years. Each academic year is divided into spring semester and autumn semester. Autumn semester is from early September to mid-January, there are four weeks for winter vacation through January to February, including Chinese Spring Festival. Spring semester starts from mid-February to late June. July and August are summer vacation.

2.住宿费: 7,000-14,000元/学年(单人间);

Accommodation expense: 7,000-14,000yuan/academic year (single room);


School provides living apartments for international students, equipped with public laundry and kitchen.

3. 保险费:800元/学年

Insurance expense (800 yuan/academic year)


According to the provisions of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, during the study in the region of China, international students must hold a comprehensive insurance (including accident medical insurance, hospitalization insurance, disability insurance, accidental death insurance, etc.).

4. 报名费:400元(仅录取学生需缴费)

Enrollment fee: 400 yuan (Only admitted students need to pay for it)

/ Note


Due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic, we will adapt our beginning of the semester and teaching for 2023 international students to the actual situation, which will be notified in the admission letter.

Alibaba Business School reserves the right to make all final decisions.

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